Winter Sale Time

Winter Sale Time

2020 has been a difficult time for so many independent retailers, long established shops facing a very trying time.

The support we've received from local loyal customers has been amazing, added to us now having a website has helped us massively. The difficulty for us is that we order our stock 9/12 months in advance, and once we've committed it's very tricky to cutback some of the ranges.

Our winter styles started arriving when the first lockdown ended, everyone lived in hope but as we stand on the edge of a third lockdown we appear to have winter stock that we need to sell in order to make way for the upcoming spring and summer of 2021.

Winter Sale Time

Usually at this time of the year we always have a sale but this time it's a little different, this time we're reducing prices by a higher percentage, giving you the opportunity to grab yourself a new pair of boots, some comfortable shoes, smart shoes, they are all included in our sale. 

We've reduced styles across all the ranges, all brands and as with all orders they all have free UK delivery. 

Children's Sale

Women's Sale

Men's Sale

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